There comes a time when you know you’re ready to take your health into your own hands. When you realise that the body of your dreams, your perfect skin, balanced hormones, happy digestion and abundant energy isn’t at the bottom of another diet shake, and it certainly isn’t at the end of another year ignoring your health, either. When you know deep down that the only person who will ever be an informed, empowered and dedicated expert on your health and happiness… is YOU. That time is now.
A Certified Health Coach, Integrative Speech Pathologist and Essential Oil Educator with a passion for empowering you to take your health into your own hands and become the expert on your health, happiness and wellbeing.


  • learning how to use food as medicine.
  • finally getting the sleep you are craving.
  • finding joyful ways to make movement a part of your life.
  • improving the quality of your food.
  • discovering how to harness the healing power of herbs and essential oils.
  • understanding which foods are upsetting your digestion and how to heal.
  • identifying where toxins are hiding in your life, and finding low-tox solutions to replace them.
  • discovering what foods, moods and environmental triggers are creating hormonal imbalance and how to fix it.
  • taking daily action to reduce your stress and live a life of ease.

The truth is, taking your health into your hands will be as unique as you are. The only thing you can be sure of, is that we will work together to discover, implement and maintain whatever you need to finally have the incredible, vibrant health you are seeking.

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When I first started my sessions with Lauren I was feeling unmotivated, down and negative, not like myself, depleted from giving to others all my time and uncertain about my needs and wants in my relationship at the time.
I don’t know where I would be if I had not been introduced to Lauren. She has helped so much more than I had imagined was possible. Not once did Lauren tell me what was best for me or what decisions to make. We worked together to identify how I felt, what actions I needed to take to make steps towards feeling more like myself and she would update me via email after every sessions with a full breakdown of what we discussed in our session.
By the end of our 3 months of working together I had achieved ALL of my desired goals and moved through all of my initial problem areas which was such an amazing outcome. I am now feeling Motivated, confident, energetic, balanced, happy, excited by life, and supported and uplifted by others.
Not only am I feeling more empowered but I have learned so much about myself through Lauren’s guidance. I would recommend Lauren to anyone who is lacking energy, not feeling like themselves or struggling to make a decision and need clarity. Don’t wait, start making changes and choosing happiness now.
Monique Dolman

Personal Trainer

Working with Lauren was absolutely wonderful! She never once told me that I should eat less of this and more of that. I never felt guilty or nervous about our sessions. Unlike every other diet/food plan I have ever tried. Instead of talking about what I should and shouldn’t eat we talked about the why. Why was I craving sugar and why was I eating dairy products when I knew it affected me in a bad way? Discovering the underlying reasons actually helped me to make some lasting changes. Lauren is truly gifted in what she does. With her nurturing words she can help anyone to make a lasting difference in their lives. I think that everyone needs a Lauren in their life! I am very grateful for the changes Lauren helped me make. I feel that I am the healthiest I have been my entire life thanks to Lauren! Nene Leonard

Primary School Teacher, Mother.

beautiful images by the incredibly talented Anouschka Rokebrand and Hanke Arkenbout.