I’m Lauren Michele.

dōTERRA Leader, Holistic Health Coach, NLP Practitioner.


Cedarwood; The oil of community, is the oil of bringing people together.

This oil is here to help us feel strong and confident, while still reaching out for connection and support from those around us. Both grounding a us and opening our heart. It can support you in creating a sense of community and healthy relationship boundaries, while also giving you the strength to examine your struggles with others, either personally or on a whole.


Stress. What it’s doing to your health and how to fix it.

Stress has been the topic of the month with my clients. As the year thunders on, and our to-do lists grow ever bigger, I thought it was a good time for quick time out for chat about stress, what it’s doing to your health and how to fix it. Have you been stressed lately? We all experience stress from time to time and we all know the impact it can have on mood and behaviour, yet most of us have no idea of the damaging impact stress can be having on our health and vitality. Most people these days live with a certain amount of ongoing stress. We are stressed about our careers, our relationships, our kids, our finances, our families, our weight, our friends, our inbox, our to-do list and the list goes on.   While it has become incredibly common for stress to be a regular part of our lives, being common doesn’t make it normal and certainly does not make it healthy. When I talk with my clients about their stress levels, most can acknowledge that they have chronically high stress, but don’t know what to do about it, and quite frankly, don’t always know why they should. It simply seems like one more thing to add to an already full to do list! As an expert in helping people make healthy changes in their lives, I know that the most important part of making any change, is to have a very compelling ‘why’. When it comes to WHY you should care about your stress level, you need to first understand what stress does to your... read more

Delicious DIY dairy free ice-cream recipe

I discovered this recipe for Tropical Home Made Dairy Free Ice-cream one hot summer evening not long ago. I can’t quite remember, but I’m assuming it was a Saturday afternoon before the regular Sunday farmers market shop, because pretty much all I had left in the house was a freezer full of frozen bananas and a few cans of coconut cream. Well desperate times call for desperate measures in this kind of heat. Surprising even to me however, my desperate attempt to make something cool to eat helped me to stumble upon one of the easiest and tastiest home-made ice-cream recipes I’ve tried. Very basically, I blended those frozen bananas with the a few tablespoons of coconut cream from the cupboard and added 2 drops of doTerra essential oil and a sprinkling of cinnamon for good luck, and the result? Tropical Coconut, Banana + Lime Dairy Free Ice-cream. This stuff is seriously delicious. It is also dairy free, gluten free and refined sugar free too. It’s also full of gorgeous healthy fats from the coconut cream and will satisfy that creamy longing you may be familiar with if you are, like me, living dairy-free. I have somewhat refined my recipe since this first attempt, and can’t wait a moment longer to share it with you, so here goes… Ingredients: 2 frozen bananas 1/3 of a cooled can of coconut cream (place in freezer 20 minutes before making) Juice of 1/2 a lime //  or 1 drops of dōTERRA Lime essential oil (dōTERRA essential oils are of a very high quality. Make sure you don’t use just any lime essential oil as most are... read more

5 self-care tips to settle digestion

Is your gut in a rut? Is your tummy tied in knots? Does your belly need some balance? I know all too well how nausea, indigestion, cramps, bloating and other totally icky symptoms can take the enjoyment out of life. While these symptoms often are a sign there is something not quite right with your digestion, and certainly worth speaking to a professional who can help you decode what your symptoms mean, there are also some things you can do right now to get some relief. Here are MY top 5 Self-Care tips you can start using today to help you to settle your digestion. 1. Investigate your thoughts and feelings The legendary Louise Hay, writes in her book ‘You can heal your life’ that problems with digestive stem from fearful thoughts; fear of the process of life, fear of letting go, fear of a person, situation or idea, dread or anxiety about the future, fear of the new. I don’t know about you, but it doesn’t take much investigation into my life to see the truth in these ideas. Have you ever felt nauseas or lost your appetite when anxious? Gotten nervous butterflies before a big event? Gotten bloated, backed up or crampy when under stress or a deadline? I know I certainly have. Acknowledging that your tummy troubles could be coming from your thoughts or feelings is the first step. Once you open your mind to that option, often the thought or emotion will present itself to you for review or even to change. Such as “okay, perhaps this belly ache is about how nervous about this project at work” “I’m afraid that... read more